RAMP: Recognized ASCA Model Program Training

In the spring of 2021 there has been a series of RAMP Trainings provided by PSCA.   CLICK HERE to register for the webinars.
You can watch recordings of those trainings here:

RAMP Webinar #1: Vision and Mission Statements

RAMP Webinar #2: Annual Student Outcome Goals:


RAMP Webinar #3 Classroom and Group M&B Action Plan


RAMP Webinar #4 Annual Administrative Conference


RAMP Webinar #5 Advisory Council


RAMP Webinar #6 Calendars (Annual and Weekly)


RAMP Webinar #7  Lesson Plans (Classroom and Group)


RAMP Webinar #8  Classroom Instruction Results Report


RAMP Webinar #9  Small Group Results Report

The rest of the schedule will be:
Date Time Topic Discussion Leader
6/10/21 7:00 PM 10.  Closing-the-Gap Action Plan/Results Report  


The mission of the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association is to expand the image and influence of professional school counselors, to promote professional and ethical practice, and to advocate for equity and access for all students.