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Pre-Conference Attendance Summit Highlights

Our excellent line up of speakers provided topical sessions which fostered great discussion both in person and online.
Pennsylvania Department of Education Updated & Initiatives:

Sherri Smith, Deputy Secretary 

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Phyllis Jordan, Future Ed

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Attend Program:

Tina Brown, PsyD, School Psychologist

Brooke Ludwig, HSV, School Social Worker

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Data Classroom Attendance:

Lindsey Knepp, LSW, MSW, MEd

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Check and Connect:

Kate Parker, Check and Connect

Chanda Telleen, Check and Connect

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Taskforce Panel: 

Melvin Frye, Lancaster County Truancy Task Force

Nathan VanPatter, Focus on Attendance

Glenn Kaiser, Dan McCauley, and Danielle Donovan, K&S Consultants

Practitioners Panel: 

Dr. Amanda Katchur

Holly Hardin

Deirdre Stalnecker

Want to watch the recordings? This is a Member Exclusive benefit. 

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