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About PSCA

The PSCA Mission Statement

The Pennsylvania School Counselors Association responsibly promotes engagement and facilitates ethical and contemporary professional identity of school counselors across our diverse Commonwealth to ensure equitable educational outcomes for all students.

The PSCA Vision Statement

 Pennsylvania School Counselors will be educated, empowered, and elevated to successfully implement comprehensive programming to ensure equitable academic, career, and social-emotional outcomes for all students.

A Message from PSCA Leadership

PSCA’s membership of 1000+ represents school counselors, counselor educators, and graduate students from all geographic areas in Pennsylvania. Focused on providing quality professional development opportunities, supporting comprehensive school counseling programs, and giving one voice to professional school counselors, PSCA is dedicated to empowering school counselors to promote student success. Become a part of our robust and growing organization!

"Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs."

- Stephen Covey


PSCA Leadership

It’s been said that leaders are born, not made. If that’s true, then we’re all born leaders. Leadership is an attitude and a state of mind, not an innate ability. Everyone has leadership qualities and the potential to lead, no matter what official position we may hold. The need for effective leaders in school counseling has never been greater. Students need school counselors to be effective educational leaders who can effect systemic change in their schools. The Pennsylvania School Counselors Association needs leaders who can guide the school counseling profession in Pennsylvania into the future.  If you have a question about PSCA, or are interested in getting more involved in PSCA, please contact PSCA Executive Director, Emilia Mattucci at

 The PSCA Board of Directors consists of 16 Board Directors, 2 from each of the 8 regions from across the Commonwealth and a Board appointed Secretary, who is a non-voting member. The Board elects a Chair and Assistant Chair each year from within the Board of Directors to ensure the integrity of the board process. The Board of Directors is responsible for governance, on behalf of the membership, while the Executive Director, Treasurer, staff and volunteers are responsible for the operational work to carry out the ends and policies set forth by the Board of Directors.

PSCA Leadership


Emilia Mattucci

Executive Director

Larissa Valonis.jpg

Larissa Valonis


Janelle Reese


Chris Bard


Ann Jordan

Assistant Chair



Janelle Reese.jfif

PSCA Regional Map

Northwest Region.png

Board of Directors


Ann Kostiuk (2026)

Michael Simmons (2025)

Northcentral Regional Unit - IUs: 9, 16, 17

Northwest Regional Unit - IUs 4, 5, 6, 28

Michelle Strasser.webp

Michelle Strasser (2024)

Northwest Regional Unit - IUs 4, 5, 6, 28

Janelle Reese.jfif

Janelle Reese (2025)  

Central Regional Unit - IUs 8, 10, 11 

dawn .jpg


Central Regional Unit - IUs 8, 10, 11 

Heather Karmazin.jpg

Heather Karmazin (2025) 

Southeast Regional Unit - IUs 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

Leslie Delvechio Marks.jpg

Lezlie DelVecchio Marks (2025)

Southwest Regional Unit - IUs 1, 2, 3, 7, 27


Brandi McFarland (2025)

Centraleast Regional Unit - IUs 14, 20, 21, 29

Matthew Shervingon-Jackson.jpg

Matthew Shervington-Jackson (2025) 

Southcentral Regional Unit - IUs: 12, 13, 15

Adam Oldham.jpeg

Adam Oldham (2024)

Southcentral Regional Unit - IUs: 12, 13, 15

Zachary Watters.jpeg

Zachary Watters (2024)

Northeast Regional Unit - IUs 18, 19

Larissa Valonis.jpg

Larissa Valonis (2025)

Northeast Regional Unit - IUs 18, 19

Stephanie Steigerwalt (2024)
Northeast Regional Unit - IUs 18, 19

Graduate Ambassadors


Casey McCloskey
Bloomsburg University


Alysha Evans
Lancaster Bible College


Eva Tice
Millersville University


Michelle Norton
West Chester University


Brooke Keiserman
Temple University


Alexis Deshong
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Amanda Hicks (2024) 

Centraleast Regional Unit - IUs 14, 20, 21, 29

na'Khia Washington

Centraleast Regional Unit - IUs 14, 20, 21, 29

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