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PSCA Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Membership is awarded by the PSCA Governing Board to a person who has made a significant contribution in the field of school counseling and who has provided exemplary leadership in the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association.  A PSCA member may be nominated by a member of the Governing Board and becomes an Honorary Life Member only through special action of the Governing Board.  In the history of the organization, only twenty-three school counselor leaders have been so honored.

Althandell Riden  

Robert Zavada

Donald Diffenbaugh

Mary Zetler

Ralph Baker

Robert B. Cormany

Jay H. Stevens

Kathleen O'Rourke

Nancy Moore ('05)

Anne S. Morris ('10)

Clint Page ('12)

Diane Smith ('14)

Dr. Judy Bookhamer ('20)

Phillip Amico ('24)

PSCA Legends

The PSCA Legends designation was established by the PSCA Governing Board in January 2016 to honor those who in their lifetimes were awarded the prestigious Honorary Life Member designation for the significant contributions they made both in the field of school counseling and as exemplary leaders in PSCA.  . The PSCA Legend designation ensures that the contributions of those exemplary school counselors and PSCA Leaders lives on.

Floyd H. Kilmer

Pearle S. Norris

Arthur L. Glenn

Marion E. Peck

John H. Schrack

W. Donald Vaughn

Hilda B. Minkoff

John O. Hershey

Mitchell Dreese

Margaretta Bigley

William Lee ('05)

Mike Thompson

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