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PA has developed its own version of the RAMP designation called the “PA Diamond
Recognition”. We’ve created a PA application in the same portal that ASCA uses. So, we’d like to encourage you to use the PA application instead of the ASCA one.


What are the advantages of doing this?

1. If you or an additional applicant holds dual membership with ASCA and PSCA, the
application fee will be paid for you by PSCA.

2. If your school is deemed to have achieved the PA Diamond Recognition, your application will automatically be forwarded to ASCA and will also achieve ASCA RAMP with no additional work needed by you.

Keep in mind that the PA Diamond Recognition application has two extra sections specific to the CEW Standards. These sections will be included in the RAMP Camp training videos on the "Members Only Section". 


We hope that many of you will decide to either apply for the PA Diamond Recognition or at least think about applying in the future. Your school could join the others on this list of Pennsylvania RAMP and Re-RAMP Awardees. PA has had at least one school achieve RAMP every year since 2007.

Deadline to Apply is October 1, 2024. 




Will your school be next?

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