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PSCA Invites You to "Chew on This"

Members! Bring your lunch and come join us for free mini-webinar series that will occur over the lunch hour to cover relevant topics to School Counselors!

 Register today for all the whole series or just the ones you are interested in. 

Please note: you must sign up for each webinar individually.

The first “Chew on This”  will be held during National School Counseling week on 2/8/2023! 

Chew on This: Melting the Silo's:  The School Counselor's Toolkit for Integrating Social-Emotional Learning Practices and SAP


12:00 pm-1:00pm

Dr. Susan Tarasevich is committed to life-long learning, convinced that knowledge is power.  A former teacher, she has significant experience in delivering vibrant learning experiences, and continues to serve as Lead Trainer for the Pennsylvania Student Assistance Program, UPMC- Western Behavioral Health.  Susan passionately empowers educators with the understanding and skills to nurture growth in themselves, and everyone in their learning communities.   Her work at local, state, regional, and national levels in designing, implementing, and evaluating SAP and other school mental health programs has taught her the value and importance of human connection in any endeavor.  Susan has collaboratively written three books:   Promoting Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Jones and Bartlett) and Caring in Times of Crisis (Youthlight).   Recent SAP evaluation findings are published in:  Woodard, C., Tarasevich. S.& Fertman, C. (2023). Improving Black Student School Mental Health Service Access and Utilization in Dawes, K. Holden, & D. Williams (Editors) (2023) Health Equity, African Americans, and Public Health.  American Public Health Association Press.  She is married, loves travel, and has five pet therapists:  four felines and a dog named Beezus.

Learning Objectives:  

  1. Discuss the Pennsylvania SAP Model including latest updates

  2. Review the varieties of SEL programs used by counselors/schools attending the webinar

  3. Outline the ways SEL practices can be infused into student action plans at Tier 1, 2 and 3


Chew on This: Your Evaluation


 12:00pm-1:00 pm

Chew On This: Presentations: Share your expertise or listen in:


12:00 pm -1:00pm



Dr. Christina U. Green is a passionate school counselor in the School District of Philadelphia with over 19 years of experience working in the field of education, counseling, and serving as a counselor educator.  Dr. Green is a strong advocate for the profession of school counseling and is a firm believer that school counselors serve a vital role in maximizing student achievement and success.  Dr. Green is dedicated to educating future school counselors to become strong leaders, advocates, collaborators, and change agents servicing students in reaching their full potential. Dr. Green serves as the Professional Development Chair for PSCA and Co-Chair for the Committee on Anti-Racism In Action (CARIA) for PCA.

Mr. Kevin Lopez is a dedicated school counselor in training. Mr. Lopez is a current school counseling graduate student and high school counseling intern in the School District of Philadelphia. Mr. Lopez  has done extensive research on social media and it's impact on youth. Mr. Lopez had his first experience presenting at PSCA in December and has valuable knowledge on first-time experiences facilitating workshops to school counseling peers in PA.

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