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Membership Types

  • Professional Member - $60 per year: (Carries all privileges) Both must be true: You hold a Pennsylvania Certificate to serve as a school counselor and you are employed primarily as an elementary, secondary, college counselor, or supervisor of counseling services. 

  • Regular Member - $60 per year: (Voting, non-office holding) Hold a valid certificate to serve as a school counselor, but not employed as a school counselor.

  • Associate Status - $60 per year:< (Non-voting, non-office holding) Not a certified Pennsylvania School Counselor (All associate applications are reviewed by the membership committee.)

  • Student Membership - $30 per year: (Voting, non-office holding, maximum of three years eligibility) You must be enrolled half-time or more during the academic year (not summer) in a Master's level program in a school counseling program. Student Membership Verification Form required.

  • Retired Membership - $30 per year: (Maintains all privileges of Professional membership) Must be a professional member for two years immediately preceding retirement.



It is easy to join PSCA through our online system.  You will be able to enter your information and pay for your membership via credit card.  You may also choose to enter your information and then send us a check via the mail. If you chose that option, you will be invoiced for your payment

Questions? Please contact:

Brianna Edwards

Dr. Jennifer Kirk
PSCA Membership Services Co-Chairs

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