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Bylaws & Policies

PSCA Ends Policies

(Adopted July 2019; Updated September 2019; Amended August 2020)

  1. All Pennsylvania School Counselors and stakeholders will have awareness, understanding and support for:

    • The School Counseling profession

    • The ASCA National Model

    • Pennsylvania’s professional standards and practices

    • The Pennsylvania academic standards for Career Education and Work (CEW)

    • The Pennsylvania Career Ready Skills

    • The ASCA Code of Ethics for School Counselors

  2. Pennsylvania school counselors and the school counseling profession benefit from the efficient and fiscally responsible operation of the association.

  3. In acknowledging the importance of representation among its membership, PSCA will actively seek to draw underrepresented and underserved populations into the school counseling profession.  Pennsylvania school counselors benefit from the retention and recruitment of members from all demographic groups and geographic regions of the state.

  4. Pennsylvania school counselors and the school counseling profession benefit when PSCA actively collaborates with other educational organizations, coalitions, and networks.

  5. Pennsylvania School Counselors will benefit from professional development that reflects and responds to contemporary issues.

  6. PSCA commits to on-going practices to build equity across PA; including but not limited to: recognizing and raising awareness of historic and systemic oppression, training to address bias and historic oppression; continued monitoring and audits of the organization and organizational policy; the development of educational resources to guide school counselors to better understand and take action against disparity and towards opportunity for students in PA and the profession. 

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