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Standing Together.

The Pennsylvania School Counselors Association would like to celebrate the many works and accomplishments by school psychologists, especially following the National Association of School Psychologists national convention in Denver. Two of PA’s own received some of the highest accolades of the profession while attending the conference.

Still, we must also acknowledge the harm and concern from the Hyatt Regency Denver regarding their treatment of President Dr. Celeste Malone and her many esteemed guests the evening of February 8, 2023. While Dr. Malone is a celebrated educator and leader in the field of school psychology, she is a person who deserves respect and to be treated fairly. In support and solidarity for Dr. Malone, NASP and the black community, we support the requests as presented by our colleagues from the Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania.

We ask that the Hyatt:

  • Give a public, genuine apology to Dr. Malone;

  • Refund all room charges and fees to Dr. Malone’s invited guests to the party;

  • Provide direct compensation to Dr. Malone;

  • Give substantive donations to the NASP Minority Scholarship Program, Howard University (to be determined by Dr. Malone), the Black School Psychology Network, and School Psych Sistahs;

  • Fund Black school psychologists to attend the Black School Psychology Network Summit this April; and

  • Endow a free social justice series for NASP conferences to pay for speakers to be ever-present at NASP conferences.

Consistent with our Ends Policy 6 wherein PSCA “commits to on-going practices to build equity…recognizing and raising awareness of historic and systemic oppression… and take action against disparity and towards opportunity for students in PA and the profession,” we speak as one against this racism and stand united in solidarity with our educational partners, NASP, in a movement for equality. Our ongoing professional development and collaboration to benefit students across this country should take place in a host environment that is safe, accepting, inclusive, and accessible for all. When practices and policies prevent that from happening, we must take action. In addition to the asks above, the Hyatt Regency Denver must recommit to their vision in purposeful and actionable ways that will affect true change and also benefit other groups that have experienced systems of oppression (including those based on religion, sex, class, sexual orientation and gender diversity, and disability identity).

Any members of our association can also provide support by donating to the National Association of School Psychologists Minority Scholarship Fund.


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