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School Counselor vs. Guidance Counselor

Historically, the term “guidance counselor” was used to refer to counselors working in the schools. This term has evolved to “school counselor” as the scope of duties has changed and evolved. Although some schools still used the outdated “guidance counselor” term, the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association encourages the use of “school counselor” to more accurately reflect the role. 

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About PSCA

The Pennsylvania School Counselors Association is the premiere association in the Keystone State that represents school counselors across Pennsylvania.  The Pennsylvania School Counselors Association is the keystone that strengthens the image and influence of professional school counselors through advocacy, leadership, collaboration, and systemic change.   PSCA empowers professional school counselors with the knowledge, skills, and resources, to promote student success in the global community.

Our Mission

The Pennsylvania School Counselors Association responsibly promotes engagement and facilitates ethical and contemporary professional identity of school counselors across our diverse Commonwealth to ensure equitable educational outcomes for all students.

Pennsylvania School Counselors will be educated, empowered, and elevated to successfully implement comprehensive programming to ensure equitable academic, career, and social-emotional outcomes for all students.

Our Vision




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